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“This ain’t funny no more!”—U.C. San Diego loses $800K censoring campus comedy

With free speech—and a student’s mind—under attack on all fronts on America’s university campuses, in a stunning and heartwarming tale the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals showed that it, too, likes a good joke. Thanks to the unanimous decision of the court, the University of California/ San Diego lost in its attempt at furthering censorship, this time against a tiny but hilariously funny and irreverent satirical campus-wide newspaper called the “The Koala.” Continue reading

Marking 10 years of corporate personhood and limitless money flowing into political campaigns

Or… how the US Supreme Court once again sold out the people

Last week almost all media failed in their duties, as did the US Supreme court a decade ago, to bring you the true and most important—and unreported—story of this generation in American election politics. Continue reading

China’s growing economic miracle a mirage?

Or… everyone pays the Piper

In emulating the American economic raison d’etre, China has attempted to develop its unique capitalist model while ignoring that it too will soon suffer the same fate for the same reason: Unsustainable debt. When examining the recent realities of Chinese banking and finance over the past year it seems the steam that president Xi Jinping touts as powering the engine of his purported economic miracle of a master-planned economy is only a mirage, now almost completely evaporated before his eyes. Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi’s scripted impeachment failure

Or… leading the Dems from blue… to yellow!

For the voter, the Democratic Party no longer has any interest in performing its function as an opposition party. The charade of purported constitutional jurisprudence seen in the US House impeachment hearings should forever confirm this. This degradation of political will far too nicely coincides with the long-term duality of current and long-term Speaker Nancy Pelosi who, while dressed in the blue ensemble of a Democrat, somehow sports the accoutrements of a Republican. Continue reading

The humane obligation of conscience or… extinction rebellion? World rebellion!

The world war of democracy against its people is now official. Continue reading

The most important presidential election question (that no one ever asks!)

Once again, the American voters have dutifully begun their quadrennial march to futility at the hands of another election cycle full of false prophets. None seem to realize or remember that the monocracy that they hold so sacrosanct is not—and has not been—a democracy for decades. Yet these societal lemmings, known as “voters,” again prepare to exert their media controlled, fact adjusted opinions at the polls while singing joyfully the praises of their one chosen new demagogue and praying that this time their candidate will, post-election, actually represent them from the Oval Office of American despair. Continue reading

Hong Kong: The truth walks the streets

Or...Tiananmen redux?

Tuesday, Hong Kong’s Chinese anointed leader of the Legislative Council, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-Ngor, assured protesters that the controversial extradition bill was ” dead.” Previously she had assured the protesters that the same bill was “suspended.” The protesters ain’t buying it. Continue reading

The secret Israeli worldwide assassination program

Spies, femmes fatales, deadly plots, killings, bombs, knives, guns, and an array of unique murderous weaponry that would make James Bond and “Q” envious. All this, combined with dozens of unapologetic and brutal cloak and dagger assassinations in foreign locales worldwide? Sounds like the makings of a great spy thriller. Continue reading

The geography of war: No Iraq…? No Iran!

No other country in the Middle East is as important in countering America’s rush to provide Israel with another war than Iraq. Fortunately for Iran, the winds of change in Iraq and the many other local countries under similar threat, thus, make up an unbroken chain of border to border support. This support is only in part due to sympathy for Iran and its plight against the latest bluster by the Zio-American bully. Continue reading

The day American activism died or The First Rule of Democracy!

5:05 AM. February 4, 2012. It’s almost pitch dark. No one has slept this night. The only morning illumination comes from scores of dimly glowing dots of blues, greens, yellows, reds or orange inside a patchwork of hundreds of still standing tents. Most sit empty for the first time in months; a lamp left on during their vacancy. Nearby, the tall, jet-black and ornate sidewalk lamp poles lining the concrete walkways of McPherson Park here in Washington, D.C., provide a few additional stage lights, their bright-white cones casting a single spotlight on their foreground. Continue reading

Brexit update: The first rule of holes

What a difference a day makes, or in the case of UK parliamentary political theatre applied to the ever-changing definition of Brexit; just a couple of hours will do. Continue reading

Brexit: Theresa May goes Greek!

Will parliament save the kingdom?

Regularly presidents, prime ministers, congresspersons and parliamentarians worldwide negate the democratic will of their nation’s voters by refusing to support legitimate election results. Strangely, their treasonous actions continue without serious reprisal or punishment by the voter. This emboldens them. The reality of votes cast and “democracy” past does not does bode well for the people of the United Kingdom, their future as a nation or their hopeful return to sovereignty once called, “Brexit.” Continue reading

Correctly defining modern Zionism

Part Two: Buying the stairway to heaven?

Before modern Zionism took a hold on America, there once was a religious mandate to willfully provide for the less fortunate. Because of the scriptures, if not an ultimate fear of God, many of society’s super-wealthy of that bygone era did substantially contribute to serving the societies around them. This was shown in the construction of libraries, museums, universities, hospitals, endowments, social services and church social programs paid for by oligarchs such as Carnegie, Roosevelt, Blair, Morgan, Getty, Mellon and Tufts. Some of these men, knowing the capitalist crimes they had perpetrated on the path to their riches, were certainly buying their own “Stairway to Heaven.” Try as they might, none could deny in their minds the unavoidable final decision that would befall them all come “Judgment Day.” Continue reading

Correctly defining modern Zionism

Part One

There is much that the civilized world does not understand about modern Zionism. Today, the definitions of being Jewish, Israeli or Zionist are, to most people, analogous. They are not. Continue reading

The most important election in the world!

Lebanon? . . . What Election?

In a matter of mere hours, a new election will take place. Unlike seemingly all other national elections worldwide, this election will bring real “hope” to a needlessly impoverished country. This election will see real “change” come to a country far too long restricted and controlled by external foreign powers. For this is an election that is steeped in real democracy; not the US-inspired definition—the one based solely on the archaic shards of what little is left of a desperate empire struggling to hold onto its waning influence. This election will showcase, finally and thankfully, a return to the true definition. Continue reading

How Yulia and Sergei Skripal (and their cat) saved the world!

. . . . A synopsis of the attack on Syria.

Ah, the “Sorrows of Empire.” Its lies these days so easily exposed. Yet, too often ignored. Continue reading

The Good Friday massacre: World . . . we are all Palestinians, now!

Eighteen more Palestinians were unapologetically murdered this past “Good Friday” by the Israeli military. They were unarmed. They were on their own land. They were desperate. They screamed their desperation as they marched. Then, they shouted their daily reality of personal horrors too close to Israel’s attention. So, they were killed. Continue reading

The Lebanon/Israel border: Reasons for peace . . . excuses for war!

“No pictures!” growls a burley Lebanese Army captain, looking me deliberately in the eyes from not three feet away across his major’s desk, while pointing directly at my Nikon. “No pictures!” he repeats, now staring at my translator. Since we are both seated in his office deep within the heavily armed perimeter of the Army’s southern command, scores of heavily armed soldiers all around us, and these being the only words of English so far spoken by him, there was no doubting his sincerity on this point. Continue reading

Hizbullah today: Of power, money, and . . . the people

With the last shot of the 2006 war fired and the IDF moving back into Israel, Lebanon began to heal its wounds. At the same time, Hizbullah, that had so successfully turned back the tides of war, began to rebuild—this time in new ways. Continue reading

Hizbullah: ‘You don’t see them . . . they see you!’

“This is not good!” cautions a new Lebanese friend in a stern tone of warning, clutching this reporters arm for emphasis. “This, where you are going. . it is their neighbourhood . . . Hizbullah’s neighbourhood. They control this completely!” Continue reading

The ‘iron fisted’ leader of Hamas in Palestine: Where is Mohammed Deif?

In the ravaged streets of Gaza and the shrinking hills of the West bank, Palestinians—in desperation—scream his name. On the walls of the twelve Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon his name is spray painted—in hope—beneath yellow flags baring the logo of Hamas. In prayer services across Palestine his name is invoked, begging for his return, the return of Palestine and . . . salvation from the increasing horrors of occupation. Continue reading

Beirut, Lebanon: ‘You’re not in Turkey anymore!’

Indeed the people of Lebanon have seen too much war. Though their military has not in its history set foot on foreign soil, remaining in the minds of the Lebanese are one bloody civil war and three separate wars of invasion in 1982, 1999, and 2006. Now it would appear that a new war is brewing again on its southern border. Continue reading

Erdogan’s Turkey: When knives cut both ways

On the streets, cafes, and carpet shops of Istanbul a very different story than the one presented by Western media is developing about the true allegiance of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. While he continues to play a dangerous international game between Russia and the NATO/Israeli/US alliance, his biggest future enemy walks the streets of his realm . . . the Turkish people. And he knows it. Continue reading

When your bank fails, don’t walk . . . run!

So. the US economy is just fine. The post-recession 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation has cured all. Banks have lots of cash. Congress is your friend and that certain-to-pass Tax Cut and Jobs bill will finally allow you, your family and America to . . . MAGA. Continue reading