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What really happened on September 11—a whistle-blower comes forward

On July 13 Baxter Dmitry claimed that a former CIA agent, Malcom Howard had confessed when he learned that he had only weeks left to live, that the CIA blew up WTC tower 7, the third building that was destroyed on September 11, 2001. Continue reading

Can Swedish Russophobia have an explanation?

Why is Russophobia more widespread in Sweden than in the other Nordic countries? Continue reading

Sweden—a victim of Russophobic propaganda

It is frightening to see how the Swedish government, which, I suppose, considers itself more open than the center-right government we had before 2014, nevertheless seems to be the vassals of the U.S. The ever-increasing realization in Europe that the Western Empire poses a threat to life all over the world has apparently escaped the Swedes. One after the other EU countries are now seeing that it is not Russia that is a threat to a possible future world peace. This possibility has now been torpedoed by Washington’s aggressive stance towards Russia and Putin. Continue reading

Greece is not the major problem—Europe is

Yanis Varoufakis says about Europe: “A clueless political personnel, in denial of the systemic nature of the crisis, is pursuing policies akin to carpet-bombing the economy of proud European nations in order to save them.” (‘Yanis Varoufakis Sums Up Europe In One Sentence,’ February 6, 2015—zerohedge) Continue reading

Did Washington ever tell a lie?

A democracy is a country where the all-powerful president does what he alone knows is good tor the people. Continue reading

Corporatism or the true face of terrorism

The world the way it looks today seems like a stage production by Corpocrats—inhuman monsters who have made the entire planet into their horror-story set. It appears like a creation by insane people, one that wouldn’t stand the light of day. And yet—there it is, our world, gradually becoming annihilated by those mad Corpocrats who are cheering in their hidden castles. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know where they are. All we know is that they are in the process of destroying the earth. Continue reading

A first visit to sub-Saharan Africa—peace and wilderness

When you first visit a sub-Saharan country, in our case Tanzania, on a safari tour, you easily get the impression that this is paradise. Wild animals in a healthy environment who live together, most of them getting along wonderfully well. Obviously though, in spite of the superficial impression of peace, when you see a lioness with her two cubs tearing at the pieces of a recent kill, you realize that what governs the lives of these wild beasts is the law of the jungle. Continue reading

Nestlé and Monsanto, hand-in-hand, will happily do us in

It’s strictly ingenious. The two big multinational corporations have found the way to ruin the earth. They care about nothing but their own coffers—profit, profit and more profit, and step by step they will move us to the brink. Hopefully they will be the first to fall over the cliff. They will have ruined the earth, water, plants, forests, insects, mammals (the chief mammals being the leaders of this absurd system that rules the world) and all that is comprised in the concept of ecosystems. Continue reading

Absurdity rules the world

The absurdity of the world today is so blinding that we can barely see through the fog to discern what went so wrong. Continue reading

Hunger is a ‘weapon of mass destruction,’ says Jean Ziegler

In his latest book “Mass Destruction—the Geopolitics of Hunger,” Jean Ziegler[1] talks about the current state of the world and the neoliberal politics of starvation of the poor, which has led to a crisis situation amounting to calculated murder. What we are witnessing today is the worst hunger crisis in human history is. And it is all because of human greed, colossal mismanagement for profit. Continue reading

Monsanto and the mortal danger to traditional agriculture

The greatest threat to the future of food production in the world is the introduction of genetically engineered foods from the bio-tech industry. Contrary to their mendacious propagandized promises of solving the problem of world hunger through the so-called second green revolution, the bio-tech companies are instead in the process of destroying the world’s ecosystems, and thus the natural food chains and life cycles. Their goal is certainly not to solve any problem at all, but instead to fill the corporate coffers with the profits from selling their dangerous products to countries with already high mortality rates from malnutrition and starvation. Continue reading

Corporatism or survival on Earth?

Globalized commerce and finance have taken over the planet and the majority of nations are above all anxious to keep up the pace with the rest of the frightened sycophants to the Empire, anxious not to fall behind when and where the big profits are being raked in off the roulette tables. Mesdames, messieurs, faites vos jeux! Tomorrow we’ll be dead. But today, let us not be left out of the big game! Continue reading

The absurd rush to perdition

There has been a conspiracy going on for several decades now, in subterranean bunkers and in the utmost secrecy to begin with, where plans have been drawn up for how to extract for their own profit every ounce of valuable goods that the earth is harboring. How many wars will be necessary, and where? How much propaganda to fool the people into sheepish acceptance of these illegal wars? How to get the media to cooperate in this nefarious project? Continue reading