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Trump regime demands Iran fulfill its JCPOA obligations the US breached

Washington demands other countries observe international laws, norms and standards, while it consistently breaches them. Continue reading

The NYT discontinues political cartoons, a traditional form of free expression

In the US, political cartoons have been part of the national heritage since before the birth of the republic. Continue reading

Trump regime formally requests Assange’s extradition to the US

A total of 18 charges against Assange, with reportedly more to come, are all about wanting truth-telling journalism the way it should be on vital domestic and geopolitical issues silenced. Continue reading

US sanctions are economic terrorism

Security Council members alone may legally impose sanctions on nations, entities or individuals. Continue reading

Trump’s harebrained tariffs strategy

Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports with more threatened failed to get its ruling authorities to bend to his will—just the opposite. Continue reading

Julian Assange’s gravely deteriorating health

Involuntary confinement in Ecuador’s London embassy for nearly seven years, compounded by his unlawful arrest and isolation under appalling conditions in Britain’s Gitmo, gravely harmed Assange’s physical and emotional health. Continue reading

Manufacturing a nonexistent Iranian threat

If all nations were governed like Iran, peace and stability would replace global wars everywhere, swords turned into plowshares. Continue reading

Will the Trump regime target Venezuela’s food distribution program for elimination?

President Nicolas Maduro initiated Local Provision and Production Committees (CLAPs) in early 2016. Continue reading

Major media on Julian Assange

Major media cheered his unjustifiable April 11 police state arrest, shifting his loss of freedom in Ecuador’s London embassy to incarceration at Britain’s Gitmo—prelude to handing him over to Trump regime hardliners for unjustifiable crucifixion. Continue reading

US rage for dominance driving its decline

Throughout the post-WW II era, the US demanded and continues demanding that other countries bend to its will—by pressure, bullying, intimidation, threats, naked aggression and other hostile actions. Continue reading

Unlawful arrests of Venezuelan DC Embassy protectors symbolic of US decadence

Activist embassy protectors were invited into Venezuela’s Washington diplomatic facility by its legitimate ruling authorities in Caracas. Continue reading

Trump regime reimprisons Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning’s release from unjustifiable imprisonment for 63 days over her constitutional right to remain silent was short-lived. Continue reading

UNRWA: Over one million Gazans to lose food aid in June

Last fall, the UN said 20 million Yemenis are hungry, millions facing starvation—because of US orchestrated aggression, ongoing since October 2001 the world body failed to explain. Continue reading

Media propaganda machine pushing for US war on Iran

Whenever Washington goes to war or plans one, naked aggression every time launched based on Big Lies and deception, US media genuflect supportively, acting as Pentagon press agents—backing what demands denunciation. Continue reading

US a major global destabilizer, not its adversaries

The US, NATO, Israel, and their rogue partners constitute the greatest threat to world peace and stability. Continue reading

Trump regime escalates war on whistleblowers

When governments criminalize truth-telling, on the phony pretext of protecting national security, tyranny replaces freedom. Continue reading

Will the Trump regime attack Venezuela and Iran?

Imperial madness defines US geopolitics under Republicans and undemocratic Dems, seeking dominion over planet earth, its resources and populations. Continue reading

Trump vetoes measure to end US involvement in Yemen war

Trump is the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents—supporting endless wars of aggression and other hostile actions against sovereign states threatening no one. Continue reading

Pompeo’s rage to eliminate Venezuela’s social democracy

Sovereign independent democracies stand in the way of US aims for unchallenged global dominance. Bipartisan hardliners in Washington want them eliminated everywhere. Continue reading

UN official fears for Assange if he is expelled from Ecuador’s London embassy

Concerned about reports of Julian Assange’s expulsion from Ecuador’s London embassy, UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer expressed alarm, intending to get involved in what’s going on. Continue reading

Hazardous US products

Monied interests run America and most other countries. Government officials serve their interests. In the US, it includes appointing corporate executives to run federal agencies. Continue reading

Trump regime escalates sanctions war on Venezuela

Sanctions are ineffective as a regime change tool, harming targeted economies and populations, achieving little more. Continue reading

Desperation in US over failure to topple Maduro

So far, every Trump regime tactic used to try toppling Maduro and eliminate Venezuelan social democracy failed. Continue reading

Venezuela’s chief Supreme Court justice calls for stripping Guaido of immunity

Trump regime designated puppet/usurper in waiting Guaido is a serial law breaker. Continue reading

Escalated Trump regime war on Venezuela by other means

Because of its super weapons, global reach, and aim to dominate all other nations by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives, the US represents an unparalleled menace in world history to everyone everywhere. Continue reading

Third Trump regime sabotage of Venezuela’s electrical grid foiled

Unbowed after over two months of failed efforts to topple Maduro, failure to win over its military or gain popular support, its paramilitary attack scheme and other tactics foiled so far—the Trump regime cyberattacked Venezuela’s electrical power grid for the third time since March 7. Continue reading

Ongoing torture and abuse of Chelsea Manning

For heroically revealing US high crimes of war and against humanity in Afghanistan and Iraq, Chelsea Manning was subjected to appalling affronts to her dignity and fundamental rights. Continue reading

Truth v. fiction in Venezuela

Followers of independent alternative media know Venezuela is the hemisphere’s leading social democracy. Continue reading

America needs a stronger defense industry?

Post-WW II, America’s only enemies were and remain invented ones. Continue reading

Anti-Venezuela media propaganda in action

US wars of aggression, color revolutions, and coups like what’s ongoing against Venezuela wouldn’t get out of the starting gate without major media acting as press agents for Washington’s imperial plots. Continue reading

Trump regime’s anti-Venezuela coup plot shows signs of desperation

Seven weeks of Trump regime tactics to oust democratically elected and reelected President Maduro, along with wanting Venezuelan social democracy eliminated, failed. Continue reading

US war on Venezuela by other means based on big lies and mass deception

Waging war involves selling it to enlist popular support at home—or at least avoid strong opposition. Continue reading