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Trump vetoes measure to end US involvement in Yemen war

Trump is the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents—supporting endless wars of aggression and other hostile actions against sovereign states threatening no one. Continue reading

Pompeo’s rage to eliminate Venezuela’s social democracy

Sovereign independent democracies stand in the way of US aims for unchallenged global dominance. Bipartisan hardliners in Washington want them eliminated everywhere. Continue reading

UN official fears for Assange if he is expelled from Ecuador’s London embassy

Concerned about reports of Julian Assange’s expulsion from Ecuador’s London embassy, UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer expressed alarm, intending to get involved in what’s going on. Continue reading

Hazardous US products

Monied interests run America and most other countries. Government officials serve their interests. In the US, it includes appointing corporate executives to run federal agencies. Continue reading

Trump regime escalates sanctions war on Venezuela

Sanctions are ineffective as a regime change tool, harming targeted economies and populations, achieving little more. Continue reading

Desperation in US over failure to topple Maduro

So far, every Trump regime tactic used to try toppling Maduro and eliminate Venezuelan social democracy failed. Continue reading

Venezuela’s chief Supreme Court justice calls for stripping Guaido of immunity

Trump regime designated puppet/usurper in waiting Guaido is a serial law breaker. Continue reading

Escalated Trump regime war on Venezuela by other means

Because of its super weapons, global reach, and aim to dominate all other nations by whatever it takes to achieve its objectives, the US represents an unparalleled menace in world history to everyone everywhere. Continue reading

Third Trump regime sabotage of Venezuela’s electrical grid foiled

Unbowed after over two months of failed efforts to topple Maduro, failure to win over its military or gain popular support, its paramilitary attack scheme and other tactics foiled so far—the Trump regime cyberattacked Venezuela’s electrical power grid for the third time since March 7. Continue reading

Ongoing torture and abuse of Chelsea Manning

For heroically revealing US high crimes of war and against humanity in Afghanistan and Iraq, Chelsea Manning was subjected to appalling affronts to her dignity and fundamental rights. Continue reading

Truth v. fiction in Venezuela

Followers of independent alternative media know Venezuela is the hemisphere’s leading social democracy. Continue reading

America needs a stronger defense industry?

Post-WW II, America’s only enemies were and remain invented ones. Continue reading

Anti-Venezuela media propaganda in action

US wars of aggression, color revolutions, and coups like what’s ongoing against Venezuela wouldn’t get out of the starting gate without major media acting as press agents for Washington’s imperial plots. Continue reading

Trump regime’s anti-Venezuela coup plot shows signs of desperation

Seven weeks of Trump regime tactics to oust democratically elected and reelected President Maduro, along with wanting Venezuelan social democracy eliminated, failed. Continue reading

US war on Venezuela by other means based on big lies and mass deception

Waging war involves selling it to enlist popular support at home—or at least avoid strong opposition. Continue reading

The Washington Post’s anti-Bolivarian propaganda

The neocon/CIA-connected broadsheet serves Langley’s interests, supporting its involvement in the Trump regime’s coup plot to eliminate Bolivarian social democracy in Venezuela. Continue reading

Trump regime threatens sanctions on nations buying Venezuelan oil

Last month, John Bolton warned world community nations about dealing with the Bolivarian Republic, saying, “Nations and firms that support Maduro’s theft of Venezuelan resources [sic] will not be forgotten. The United States will continue to use all of its powers to preserve the Venezuelan people’s assets [sic], and we encourage [sic] all nations to work together to do the same.” Continue reading

The NYT: Press agent for the Trump regime’s coup plot in Venezuela

The self-styled newspaper of record, The New York Times, has global reach, why it matters—an establishment publication supporting Wall Street, the military, industrial, security complex, Big Oil, and other predatory corporate giants. Continue reading

Cyberattack caused Venezuela’s power outage

On Thursday at around 5:00PM during the rush hour for maximum effect, a cyberattack on Venezuela’s electrical grid plunged most of the nation into darkness. Continue reading

Bolton threatens sanctions on banks doing business with Venezuela

Because of its world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela is a jewel in the Latin American crown the US seeks dominance over—Brazil the other jewel, the region’s largest economy, the world’s 8th largest. Continue reading

Smearing Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the first two Muslim women elected to Congress. Continue reading

US militarizing space for future wars

The notion of real time star wars, possibly with nukes and/or other super-weapons, should terrify everyone. Continue reading

Beyond Obamacare to improved Medicare for All

With about 100 co-sponsors, Dem Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced the Medicare For All Act of 2019, saying the following: “Today’s healthcare system fails to provide quality, affordable healthcare as a right to all people living in the United States.” Continue reading

US/DPRK summit failure in Hanoi

Two days of talks were cut short on Thursday with no resolution of major differences, no final statement as was issued after last June’s summit—the customary format whenever formal meetings between leaders are held. Continue reading

Security Council session on Venezuela: Hard truths v. us big lies

A Trump regime-called special Security Council session on Venezuela was a pretext for pushing its Big Lies about the country on the world stage—effectively countered by the Bolivarian foreign minister. See below. Continue reading

Major media rage over the thwarted Trump regime’s Trojan Horse aid scam

Whenever the US goes to war, plans one, or stages color revolutions or old-fashioned coups to try toppling sitting governments, establishment media can be relied on to cheerlead what demands denunciation, operating as supportive imperial tools. Continue reading

Trump regime seeking pretext for war in Venezuela?

Last August during an Oval Office meeting, Trump pressed aides, asking why can’t the US invade Venezuela to topple Maduro. Continue reading

CNN/Facebook conspiracy against truth-telling

Censorship is the new normal in America—speech, independent media, and academic freedoms threatened. Continue reading

High healthcare expenses: The leading cause of US consumer bankruptcies

The US is the only developed nation without some form of universal coverage. The world’s richest nation doesn’t give a hoot about its ordinary people, serving its privileged class exclusively. Continue reading

Mike Pence’s rage against peace, equity and justice

Pence is an evangelical Christian fascist, a neocon hardliner, an imperial war cheerleader, an Islamophobe, Russophobe, Iranophobe, and homophobe. Continue reading

Nature threatened by insect apocalypse

In the coming years or decades, life on earth in all forms could end from nuclear immolation or ecocide. Continue reading

Rep. Ilhan Omar v. convicted felon Elliott Abrams

Convicted Iran/Contra felon Elliott Abrams was appointed Trump regime point man for regime change in Venezuela—violence, chaos, and other horrific human rights abuses his specialty. Continue reading