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Trump regime arming and training Ukrainian forces for war

The Ukraine Freedom Support Act (UFSA) of 2014 authorized US lethal and non-lethal aid to Kiev. Continue reading

GHW Bush: Honoring a war criminal

America honors its worst. Throughout his career as a House member, UN envoy, GOP National Committee chairman, ambassador to China, CIA director, vice president and president, GHW Bush was an unapologetic imperial spear carrier. Continue reading

Ukraine: US-installed fascist tyranny in Europe’s heartland

Ukraine matters. It’s territory is Europe’s largest after Russia’s. It borders seven countries in Europe’s heartland—Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Russia. Continue reading

US facing a national security crisis?

According to a mid-November National Defense Strategy Commission (NDSC) report to Congress, US military superiority “eroded to a dangerous degree,” the nation facing a “crisis of national security.” Continue reading

The Bush family dynasty

World headlines announced the passing of GHW Bush at age 94, eulogizing him, ignoring the disturbing Bush family legacy. Continue reading

Ukraine on brink of war with Russia?

Ukraine’s military under US-installed putschist rule is notoriously dysfunctional. Continue reading

Big lies drown out truth-telling

All politicians lie, some more than others. The Clintons, Bush/Cheney, and Obama were egregious serial liars. Continue reading

Israel and Saudi Arabia: Strange bedfellows

Ruling regimes in both countries allied against Iran. The unholy alliance began years ago, one fascist state supporting the other against a common adversary. Continue reading

Trump mocks what responsible governance is all about

He disgraces the office he holds. There’s virtually nothing redeeming about his tenure so far, no prospect for turning a page for improvement, things likely worsening ahead. Continue reading

Trump authorizes lethal force against asylum seeking aliens

Refugees, asylum seekers, and others from the wrong countries are unwelcome in Trump’s America—notably people of color and Muslims. Continue reading

Medicare for all: An idea whose time has come

Marketplace medicine prioritizes profits over human health. In America, it leaves growing millions uninsured. Continue reading

True and false accusations of US midterm election interference

Ahead of Tuesday midterms, investigative journalist Greg Palast said illegal voter purges went on in a number of states—including Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska and Nevada. Continue reading

Are Trump regime hardliners heading for war on Iran?

Was the Trump regime’s JCPOA pullout and harsh sanctions prelude for something far more aggressive—aiming to weaken and try toppling Iran’s government forcefully? Continue reading

Trump regime imposes new illegal sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela

Unilaterally imposed US sanctions on any countries are flagrantly illegal. Washington weaponized them to wage war by other means. Continue reading

Fascism triumphs in Brazilian presidential election

In Sunday’s runoff presidential election, hardline Social Liberal Party (PSL) candidate Jair Bolsonaro defeated Workers Party (PT) aspirant Fernando Haddad with 55% of the vote. Continue reading

The Trump regime launched a nuclear arms race

In response to the Trump regime’s unilateral Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty pullout, former Soviet Russia President Mikhail Gorbachev said the move signals the beginning of a nuclear arms race. Continue reading

America’s worst ever ecological disaster?

Frequent oil spills, GMO seeds, chemical, and other toxins poison planet earth worldwide—humanity’s survival threatened by ecocide or nuclear war. Continue reading

Illegal US presence in Syria assures endless war

Wherever US forces show up, mass slaughter, destruction, and human misery follow—the same thing happening in all its war theaters, endless violence continuing, what imperial rage is all about. Continue reading

China slams Pompeo for his hostile remarks

Through its media, China strongly slammed Mike Pompeo for warning Latin American leaders against seeking Beijing investments. Continue reading

Amazon’s pay raise cuts worker compensation

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ net worth exceeds $100 billion—while around 350,000 US company workers struggle to survive on poverty wages, along with enduring deplorable working conditions for maximum productivity at company fulfillment centers. Continue reading

30th straight bloody Friday in Gaza

Gazans show no signs of ending their liberating struggle against Israel’s illegal blockade and overall occupation harshness. Continue reading

Banned weapons used in all US war theaters

Whenever US forces aggressively attacks countries, dirty war is waged, including use of banned weapons. Continue reading

Escalating online censorship

In cahoots with dark US forces, anti-social media escalated their war on alternative views—ones conflicting with the official narrative by pulling down hundreds of pages. Continue reading

Illegal US meddling in affairs of other countries

Non-interventionism is a core UN Charter principle, member states obligated to respect the sovereignty of all nations—disputes to be settled “by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.” Continue reading

Americans have no say over how they’re governed

Democracy in America is pure fantasy, the way it’s been from inception. Self-serving privileged interests run things. It’s never been any other way. Continue reading

California mandates Net Neutrality, Trump regime sues

Trump’s FCC abolished Net Neutrality, essential digital democracy—letting users access online content without restrictions, limitations, or discrimination, a level playing field for everyone. Continue reading

NAFTA 2.0 is another bad deal

US free trade deals are profoundly unfair. They facilitate offshoring of jobs to China and other low-wage countries. Continue reading

Will Netanyahu regime wage more war on Gaza?

Haaretz and other Israeli media are screaming war, falsely suggesting Hamas seeks another conflict it clearly wants avoided. Continue reading

Bolton and Pompeo threaten Iran

John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are hardcore neocon extremists. A ruthlessly dangerous duo, they’re hostile to world peace, democratic values, rule of law principles, and independent nations Washington doesn’t control. Continue reading

Trump’s UN General Assembly dissembling and rage

Virtually all politicians lie. The Clintons, Bush/Cheney, and Obama were serial liars. Continue reading

Trump regime’s rage for regime change in Venezuela

Beginning with the Clinton co-presidency, US regimes opposed Venezuela’s Bolivarian social democracy, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing it. Continue reading

Trump regime wants criticizing Israel criminalized

Zionist zealot Kenneth Marcus heads the Trump regime’s Education Department Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Continue reading