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The Trump administration: full neocon on steroids

Donald Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to adopting the very same neocon policies he eschewed during the presidential campaign. The Trump administration has fostered all the neocon hallmarks evidenced by the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney administration, including the proffering of bogus intelligence and documents, supporting “themed” or “color” revolutions that are intent on regime change abroad, and lying to the press and the American people. Continue reading

Trump on Michael Cohen: ‘a businessman . . . he’s got a business’

Speaking by telephone on Fox’s “Fox & Friends” on the morning of April 26, Donald Trump interjected in his often incoherent rants that his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is “a businessman . . . he’s got a business.” Trump added, “I don’t know his business, but this doesn’t have to do with me.” Trump did seem to worry about what prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) might discover in the gigabytes of data seized, pursuant to a court order, by FBI agents from Cohen’s office, hotel room, residence, and safety deposit box. Trump said of the law enforcement seizure, “From what I understand, they’re looking at his [Cohen's] businesses. And I hope he is in great shape.” Continue reading

Hannity cash-washing network mirrors Trump’s, Cohen’s, Manafort’s, and the Kushners’

Fox “News” host Sean Hannity’s network of 28 limited liability shell corporations, mostly based in Georgia, mirror those established by the Trump Organization, Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump. Continue reading

People are now listening to Trump (by eavesdropping on his mobile phone)

A recent CNN report indicates that Donald Trump is conducting several sensitive conversations with his personal attorneys and advisers over his personal cellular telephone. The reason given is that he is bypassing White House chief of staff John Kelly, who has access to print outs of calls made by Trump via the White House phone system. Continue reading

Trump hires mobbed-up Giuliani for his legal team

By bringing former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani onto his legal team, Donald Trump has merely added another mobbed-up New Yorker to his coterie of lawyers. Continue reading

British propaganda and disinformation: An imperial and colonial tradition

When it comes to creating bogus news stories and advancing false narratives, the British intelligence services have few peers. In fact, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) has led the way for its American “cousins” and Britain’s Commonwealth partners—from Canada and Australia to India and Malaysia—in the dark art of spreading falsehoods as truths. Continue reading

John Bolton: Trump’s volatile neocon surrogate in the White House

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s choice to be the US National Security Adviser, has long been a surrogate for former Vice President Dick Cheney. In almost every sense, Bolton mirrors the war-hawk policies advocated by Cheney before, during, and after his stint as George W. Bush’s vice president. Continue reading

Trump’s perverse incestuous behavior and his upcoming downfall

Most attorneys would jump at the chance to represent the president of the United States, either as White House counsel or privately. To do so can elevate a lawyer to the upper ranks of a handful of attorneys who can name their own rates and choose their own clients. However, in the case of Donald Trump, a combination of his own disagreeable personality, failure to pay his attorneys’ fees, perverted sexual history, and conflicts of interest have turned him into a pariah as a client for most lawyers. Continue reading

Worry at NSA that Kushner gave away the store to Israel

There are increasing worries that Donald Trump’s special adviser and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, specifically requested Top Secret intelligence files to pass gleaned information to Israeli intelligence. WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources that Kushner’s compromise of National Security Agency and allied FIVE EYES partners’ intercepts of foreign leaders led to his losing his temporary access to Top Secret/Special Compartmented Information (SCI). Continue reading

Trump crime syndicate opening up Africa to grifters and mercenaries

The political propeller backwash caused by the Trump administration has swept into Washington the flotsam and jetsam of Republican Party grifters and mercenaries eager to cash in on foreign opportunities as the U.S. Department of State stands to be gutted even further under Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump’s choice to replace the recently-fired Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Continue reading

Major Israeli intelligence penetration of Trump campaign and administration discovered

The discovery of an illegal $2.5 million money transfer from the United Arab Emirates via a murky Canadian company and Elliott Broidy, a Jewish Republican fundraiser convicted in 2009 for pension fraud, points to high-level Israeli intelligence penetration of the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign. The UAE financial transfer to Trump campaign coffers also involved the mysterious George Nader, a Lebanese-American lobbyist for the government of the UAE and its crown prince and de facto leader, Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahayan. The revelation of a joint UAE-Israeli intelligence operation to funnel illegal contributions to the Trump campaign also highlights the close relationship between Israeli intelligence and the intelligence service of the UAE, as well as that of the UAE’s close ally, Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

Trump’s ‘neo-neocon’ deep state

Donald Trump represents Version 2.0 of the same neoconservative crowd that dominated the George W. Bush administration. The cabal of pro-corporation, xenophobic, and nationalistic right-wingers, which includes such outliers as the alt-right—a less-threatening title than white nationalist, neo-Nazi, or Ku Klux Klan—are now in the driver’s seat in Washington. Trump is nothing more than a corporate trademark or logo for what can be called the “neo-neocon” movement, which is led by individuals who have long been embedded in the U.S. intelligence community, law enforcement, media, and military. Continue reading

Déjà vu with British poison allegations against Russia

One thing about the neoconservatives, who have thoroughly penetrated the Tory government of British Prime Minister Theresa May and, due to the reality television show savant nature of Donald Trump, are rapidly filling as many vacancies in the US administration as possible, is that they are consistent. Neocons, who make no secret of their desire for major military conflagrations, have dusted off an old playbook with regard to the nerve agent poisoning of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, England. The convoluted charges made by the British government bear all the hallmarks of the Polonium-210 radiation poisoning of ex-Russian intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London in 2006. Continue reading

Trump’s firing of Tillerson was another insult to Africa

What was lost on the corporate media’s coverage of this past week’s sudden firing by Donald Trump of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was that it was carried out while Tillerson was on an official trip to Africa to smooth over fractured relations stemming from Trump’s referral to African countries as “shitholes” and his statement that Nigerians live in “huts.” In fact, Tillerson was forced to cut short his trip while in Nigeria, where he was expected to apologize to Nigerian leaders for Trump’s past racist statements. Continue reading

John Bolton seen more frequently around the White House

John Bolton, the only unconfirmed U.S. ambassador to the United Nations to have ever represented his country in the international organization, has recently been seen more frequently around the White House. There are strong rumors that Donald Trump’s next purge will claim the national security adviser, Lt. General H. R. McMaster, and that Bolton has the inside track to replace him. Bolton taking over the National Security Council will, after a nine-year hiatus, put the neoconservatives back in the foreign policy and national security driver’s seat in Washington. Continue reading

Trump’s ‘enforcers’ reminiscent of mob actions

The actions of Donald Trump’s “enforcers,” particularly his personal and corporate attorneys, are more in keeping with those of a mafia chieftain than an American president. Those familiar with the Watergate scandal, which all-too-many media pundits are presently comparing to the investigation of Trump, concur that Richard Nixon, who was battling seen and unseen forces to his political right, never went to the lengths of Trump in attacking his accusers. Continue reading

Beware of Saudis bearing mega-city projects

Saudi Arabia’s 32-year old crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is on a whirlwind tour of Egypt, Britain, and the United States. What he is selling is a Middle East that should worry everyone on the planet, but most of all, the Palestinian people. Continue reading

Kushner foreign dealings dealt heavy blows to Palestine, Qatar, and Iran

According to The Washington Post, U.S. intelligence has yielded information that Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, a presidential adviser with numerous portfolios, including Middle Eastern adviser, was manipulated by several foreign governments, including, primarily, Israel, to seek favors with the Trump administration. Other nations named by U.S. intelligence sources as influencing Kushner are the United Arab Emirates—a present Israeli ally, China, and Mexico. Continue reading

Trump prefers dictatorships, including one for the U.S.

At a Republican Party fundraising dinner and reception held at his Mar-a-Lago resort over the weekend, Donald Trump remarked that he envies Chinese President Xi Jinping for having recently abolished the two-term limit for his office, thus opening the way for Xi to remain as president of China for life, well past what had been a presidential term that was due to expire in 2023. At 64 years of age, Xi could remain as president well into the 2030s and, quite possibly, beyond. Continue reading

Chabad inside the White House: A clear and present national security danger

Multiple reports from inside the Trump White House and the FBI that point to a major on-going counter-intelligence investigation of the financial dealings and foreign intelligence contacts of Trump’s “Secretary for Everything,” son-in-law Jared Kushner, and Trump’s daughter and Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, are also raising their close connections to Chabad organizations. Continue reading

Trump-linked crime syndicate to world: “Ignore us!”

The criminal syndicate with links to the Trump Organization is very similar to Ian Fleming’s fictional SPECTRE, the organization of crime bosses and former spies recruited from the ranks of Joseph Stalin’s SMERSH (SMERt’ SHpionam, or “Death to Spies,” security service), Nazi Germany’s Gestapo, Yugoslav Marshal Josip Tito’s secret police, the Italian Mafia, the Unione Corse (the Corsican Mafia), and a massive heroin-smuggling syndicate based in Turkey. The Japanese yakuza and Chinese Triads also lent their services to SPECTRE. Led by Polish-Greek super-villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, SPECTRE was stymied at every turn by British agent 007 James Bond. Continue reading

School shooting raises red flags in Broward County

The Trump administration has shown that it is more than capable and willing to take advantage of any event, regardless of the sensitivities, to reap political fodder. The recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in which 17 students lost their lives, is no different. Trump and his supporters have used the incident to call for the arming of school teachers, even though an overwhelming majority of teachers and school administrators have rejected the idea as ludicrous. Continue reading

Madoff running financial scams from federal prison

Bernie Madoff, who is serving a 150-year sentence after being convicted of running a $64.8 billion fraud scheme in New York in 2009, has been permitted by Trump administration officials to quietly resume running investment schemes from the medium-security Federal Correctional Institute in Butner, North Carolina. According to a high-level enforcement official of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission who contacted WMR, Madoff, who is 79, has been permitted to maintain contact with the outside world to direct investments from assets he continues to control from the prison, which has been nicknamed “B’nai Butner” due to its heavy concentration of Jewish white collar criminals and the only kosher-certified chef and kitchen in the federal Bureau of Prisons system. Continue reading

John Kelly: An American viceroy and imperialist

President Donald Trump’s embattled chief of staff, retired Marine Corps General John Kelly, served as an enigma in uniform. Under President Barack Obama, Kelly had problems following orders during his stint as Commander of the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), headquartered in Miami, Florida. Geographical area commanders, such as SOUTHCOM, and the commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in Tampa, Florida, have become virtual viceroys, often competing with the U.S. State Department in crafting U.S. foreign policy in the areas of the world they have been assigned for their own geo-political and military tinkering. Continue reading

Trump names George Soros acolyte as chargé in Havana

Donald Trump has named Phillip Goldberg, an arch-interventionist U.S. diplomat and acolyte of the “regime change” dogma of hedge fund mogul George Soros, as the interim chargé d’affaires of the U.S. embassy in Cuba. Goldberg’s task will be to initiate Soros-inspired themed street demonstrations in Cuba when Cuban President Raul Castro steps down on April 19 of this year. Continue reading

Fake news is not enough, now it’s fake history

Donald Trump continues to push his full-throttled assault on the free press by claiming any news report that is critical of him or his policies constitutes “fake news.” Not content with re-writing current events to fit Trump’s agenda, some of his ardent supporters are now pushing the meme of “fake history” to discredit actual chronicles of past events in order to advance false or misleading historical claims or radical religious dogma. Continue reading

Trump’s military parade in DC could cost millions in damage and disruption

Donald Trump’s vainglorious desire for a military parade along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, could result in millions of dollars in damage to streets, Washington Metro, and other key elements of the nation’s capital’s infrastructure. Trump recently tasked the Department of Defense to come up with a plan for a military parade that features armored vehicles, aircraft flying in formation, and marching military personnel. Trump got the idea after watching the French military parade held in Paris on Bastille Day while visiting Paris on July 14 last year. Continue reading

General John Kelly: A history of xenophobia from Miami to DC

In many ways, Donald Trump’s chief of staff, retired General John Kelly, complements the commander-in-chief’s numerous racist and xenophobic gas lighting attempts and dog whistles. Kelly’s recent comments that some 1,110,000 undocumented immigrants who were eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, were either “too afraid to sign up” or “too lazy to get off their asses” reveals an attitude rarely seen in today’s military. In fact, the military led the way in establishing a zero-tolerance policy for racism and sexism and that policy has now been extended to homophobia. Continue reading

Trump administration planning Pinochet-type coup in Venezuela

The retrograde Donald Trump administration is planning a military coup in Venezuela to oust the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking at the University of Texas prior to embarking on a multi-nation tour throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, said the military in Latin America has often intervened in Latin American politics during times of serious crises. Continue reading

U.S. is now ranked as a ‘flawed democracy’

The staid financial and political news magazine The Economist is not prone to publish outlandish news stories and headlines. For that reason, the magazine’s readers around the world have taken notice of its annual Democracy Index for 2017. The magazine’s 2016 Index warned that the United States had dropped from a “full democracy” to a “flawed democracy.” Continue reading

Trump’s desired rump parliament

Donald Trump, like other autocrats, clearly rejects the trappings of a democracy. Trump has demanded total loyalty from the Department of Justice and security apparatuses like the Federal Bureau of Investigation and he has set about on a course to purge them of anyone who fails to toe his political line. Trump also rejects the independence of the federal courts and has sought to pack federal benches with unqualified sycophants. Continue reading

America’s ‘Ignored Abroad’ seriously consider separation

Back-to-back hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017 and a false ballistic missile attack warning that traumatized Hawai’i have these “Ignored Abroad” territories and one state looking at separation from the United States. Although independence can be a costly endeavor, the Trump administration’s lack of empathy and support for Puerto Rico, forty percent of which is still lacking electrical power four months after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the island commonwealth’s infrastructure, the Puerto Rican independence movement is receiving a fresh look from many Puertorriqueños. Continue reading