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Bipolar nation

As is too often the case, our nation’s leadership and much of its followership display patterns of thought and behavior that would have an individual sent to an institution for the extremely confused and dangerous. Continue reading

Hypocrites Without Borders

If the stand-up-for-freedom by paying to see a lousy film about Korea wasn’t enough to send you to the vomitorium, the murders in Paris should have done the job. The global 1% is moving us towards more bloody warfare as salvation for capital while growing sectors of the 99% wonder if we can afford to tolerate this madness much longer and hope to survive as a race. Continue reading

Hysterical materialism: Anything new? Maybe

The annual shopping frenzy representing profit for corporate America and loss for consumer nation is over. The joyful smiles of children at Santa’s visit were followed by the frowning faces of parents on his departure when the bills arrived. But that happens every year. Continue reading

Boots on the ground and bats in the belfry

The current global monster, Putin, so designated by corporate USA, is a heroic figure to much of the world. Continue reading

The great unhinging

Summers uses jargon familiar to those who make financial policy, teach at Harvard, and are in process of destroying more of the earth and its people for short-term private profits that guarantee long-term public loss. Continue reading

Decapitation American style

America’s anti-humanism can cause shock among hyenas, vultures and other creatures that feed on death in accordance with rather than opposition to nature. But as the empire sinks more deeply into the political economic sewage of its own creation, its weaponized psyche grows more malevolent and the behavior pattern more dangerous. The public has to be nearly lobotomized to allow its leadership to perform at such odds with reality. That is almost the case. Continue reading

Sharing economy’s new success: Adopt a homeless person

Among the most incredible manifestations of the new sharing economy has been the wide acceptance of a program begun by social media activists that has American families adopting homeless humans instead of pets. While it has created some fear in the multi-billion dollar pet market place, it has also provoked the creation of new product lines for the formerly homeless now living in comfortable accommodations. More important, it has offered citizens a new opportunity to perform humanitarian deeds while really sharing their good fortune with those in need. Continue reading

It isn’t Ferguson; it’s the USA

Now that almost all mainstream political and media mind managers have responded, in horror, sympathy or skepticism, to the most recent—as this is written—police killing of an unarmed black man, it is time to consider radical action for social change as opposed to the usual reactionary individual reform. Continue reading

Disgrace x hypocrisy x murder x racism = U.S. government

For a shamefully bloody example of how little single issue identity politics can mean, check out the unity of supporters and opponents of same sex marriage, supporters and opponents of abortion, and supporters and opponents of every other divisive issue clouding the minds of a population kept from acting as a democratic majority, we need look no further than the disgrace of this government’s Congress voting to approve and finance the current Israeli slaughter in Gaza. Continue reading

For sale: Personal brands & commodity lives

Modern marketing changes language and machinery but not its material foundation, which existed long before the industrial age. An allegedly “new” economy of information technology—IT—is just an update with different jargon and tools but the profit and loss substance remain exactly what they’ve always been: great for some, nice for many, and terrible for the earth and most of its people. Continue reading

The warfare state of capital

The destruction of Iraq, which began under the conservatively emotional Bush regime, continues under the liberally placid Obama administration. There are differences in style when an intelligent landscaper replaces a slack jawed gardener but the plantation they serve differs only in the cosmetic facade it sells the public, not the diseased crop it produces. Continue reading

A culture falling apart as fast as the economy

Each day another culturally reduced group is stricken with abuse, panic, anger and driven to what seem fresh new demands for justice. Continue reading

Economic hate crime

“Any government with both the power and the will to remedy the major defects of the capitalist system would have the power and the will to abolish it altogether.” Continue reading

‘Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear’

That advice in song (‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’) from a great Motown artist of the 1960s (Marvin Gaye) was never more meaningful than at present, especially concerning the alleged crisis in the Ukraine. Continue reading

Private financing = private government? Really?

Outrage over the most recent decision of our Court of Supreme Profits is understandable if coming from people only recently introduced to the American market system of private control of everything, especially the electoral process. But those who’ve been tilting at this windmill for many years really need to stop and think: how can they go on trying to simply control and not end private financing of elections and still believe in an alleged public power they call democracy? Continue reading

Alleged problems, real solutions

There are more than 300 million people in the USA. Four-hundred ninety-two of them are billionaires. That represents roughly 16 millionths of 1%. In decimal form that’s .0000016, or as a fraction, 16 over 1 million. This is not the 1% the Occupy Movement imprinted on (some of) the national consciousness. Even an innumerate person can understand that represents a teeny, tiny, microscopic portion of our supposedly democratic, equal opportunity, propaganda spouting world’s most deadly military killing machine in history. Continue reading

Operation Enduring Stupidity

Official American policy regarding the Ukraine, Russia, Putin and democracy has left the realm of ignorance and can only be described as stupid. Even the pressure of running an empire and maintaining capitalism are not enough to excuse present behavior and actions, previously labeled by some as demented but presently, and more dangerous, no more or less than complete stupidity. Continue reading

Humanity is at the crossroads of the most serious economic and social crisis in modern history

Which is why what remains of a privileged population in the USA is being mobilized to support regime change in Syria, Thailand, Venezuela and the Ukraine, a health care marketplace in the USA, a zealous drive to destroy Iran and an equally fanatic attempt at declaring Russia a worse menace now than at the time of brain dead American anti-communism. Continue reading

Master race chosen people-ism: An infantile disorder

The problem of racism is primarily the treatment of darker skinned people by the lighter skinned; that treatment is always murderously damaging to humanity itself and not only the particular people being savaged by those who thought themselves, somehow, more human than others. But reaction to mistreatment on racial grounds, especially without consideration of the economic roots of such inhumanity, may be as dangerous to the survival of the race. Continue reading

From private to public profit: We need a new deck, not another new deal

The “new reality” spoken of above was old capitalist private profit-public loss economics. It only seemed new to those raised in a time that averted total systemic collapse under what is now being called “unbridled capitalism,” by those who still seem to think a terminal threatening pandemic can be treated with Band Aids, aspirin and cough syrup. Getting people to believe that is part of the selling job that seems to have succeeded among consumers still under the total control of corporate mind management. Their numbers are shrinking. Continue reading

Problem: climate change; solution: system change

As if there weren’t already more than enough evidence to convince thoughtful people of the problem, the recently concluded U.N. sponsored meetings on Climate Change made it crystal clear. Continue reading

The nuclear menace: Iran? Are you serious or delirious?

While alleged representatives of American democracy foam at the mouth over the fictional threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon, the real world existence of thousands of such weapons passes almost without notice, most especially those held by religious fanatics whose narrative leans heavily on potential doom coming at any moment and whose reality seems to work for just that end. But that’s only in the eyes, ears and forcibly emptied minds of many Western consumer-citizens, occupied with going into debt for the holy days of shopping and left with little time to contemplate material reality, especially since it is rarely presented to them in an individually understandable and socially coherent form. Continue reading

The marketplace for everything, especially debt

Want some health care? Need a place to live? Are you hungry? Need a gun? A politician? A drone missile? All those and more, much, much more, are available all day and all night at the marketplace and you don’t even have to leave your home to go downtown or to the mall to do your shopping. It’s all there for your consuming convenience on your computer, iPod, smart phone, dumb phone or other products that can be used to charge purchases to your plastic for anything and everything, anytime all the time. Nice? Continue reading

Cancer, polio or good health?

The elections are over and while many Demo-liberals are heartened by the results the rest of us should understand that we have a long way to go. Continue reading

Another world is coming

The government shutdown, whether it causes a minor economic bleep or major economic explosion, is another indicator of the larger crisis of global capital. This emergency is especially critical at its U.S. headquarters where a deteriorating situation has factions fighting for control and calling upon the gods of creation, madness or both in backing their efforts. This is a further sign of what international events—and some public response—may be showing more clearly. Continue reading

The menace to be confronted is the Obama administration’s warmongers

The administration seems to be surpassing previous regimes in bloody hypocrisy as it feigns shock and awe at alleged crimes committed in Syria. After we have been told that more than 100 thousand Syrians have been killed in a civil (?) war mostly the responsibility of outside forces capitalizing on legitimate internal concerns, we are supposed to believe that shooting, stabbing, decapitating, bombing and burning are all tolerable forms of slaughter, but chemical weapons are shockingly inappropriate forms of murder. What’s a civilized nation do? Continue reading

Judge not, lest ye be judged?

The decision in the Florida murder trial of George Zimmerman is being treated as a case of racism, but while the murder itself could well have been motivated by race, the jury decision hardly needed to have been. Continue reading

Everybody must get . . . straight!

The global condition can at any time be likened to the situation on the sinking Titanic with its crew re-arranging deck chairs and throw pillows as the ship continues to submerge. This analogy may not quite fit the present status of the global center, the USA. Here, the situation at a mental health crisis center under a full moon while suffering a shortage of powerful tranquilizers might seem pleasant by comparison. As always under profit and loss economics, increasing numbers face growing hardship bordering on absolute disaster while some enjoy ever more lavish splendor with their servant class living in relative if temporary comfort. Continue reading

Usraeli leaders: Hello? Anybody home?

After characterizing the suspect in the Boston bombings as possessing “weapons of mass destruction”, the assault on logic by our political leadership dropped more deeply into the moral cesspool from which it derives its theory, practice and language. Continue reading

Miracles of the marketplace: Social insecurity

During the twentieth century near collapse of capitalism—the Great Depression—relatively enlightened forces of wealth initiated programs to prevent total breakdown and possible revolution. Among these was the origin in America of what already existed in Europe: a proposal to help elders from entering the poorhouse when they were no longer able to work. Known as “Social Security” it became one of the most popular of the New Deal programs of the FDR administration. Continue reading

Watch out . . . we’re surrounded!

After the tenth anniversary of the destruction of Iraq passed with the usual historic distortion and pieties from established power about the waste and rationalizations about why we had to do it, America’s bipartisan war party has even more loudly revived the same lies and logic perversion used to get support for that slaughter. Continue reading

Time to sequester austerity for good

Many still swallow the preposterous notion that the 1% and their finances are too big to fail while the 99% and their lives are too small to succeed. That’s always been the rationale of class division, whether between royalty and serfs, masters and slaves or at present between corporate capital and the rest of humanity. Continue reading