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We need to raise $1,500 by Dec. 31

We are coming up short on this year’s budget—$1,500 short—and desperately need your help if Intrepid Report is to continue publishing in 2015. Continue reading

We will be off next week

Intrepid Report will resume publishing on Monday, November 10. Continue reading

We are taking a break

If all goes according to plan, Intrepid Report will resume publishing on or about the first full week of October. Continue reading

We are taking a break

Intrepid Report will resume publishing on or about March 17. Continue reading

We are taking a break for the holidays

It’s that time of year to spend time with family and friends, which we shall be doing. Intrepid Report will resume publishing on January 6, 2014. Continue reading

We are taking a holiday break

Intrepid Report will resume publishing during the first week of December Continue reading

Marking 15 years of publishing online

It was 15 years ago on this date (Sept. 5, 1998) that I launched Online Journal as an alternative to the corporate media, then 12 years and 5 months later changed to a more appropriate name, Intrepid Report. Continue reading

If an independent voice is important to you, please support Intrepid Report

We are among the last of the truly independent voices. Unlike the controlled opposition, a.k.a. the gatekeepers, Intrepid Report receives no funding from foundations, corporations or sugar daddies/mommies. We have even eschewed becoming a non-profit corporation to avoid running afoul of IRS regulations on what we publish. All we have is you, our readers, to keep us going. Continue reading


First of all, I want to thank all the well-wishers for their support and understanding during our time of tribulation Continue reading

Why we had to temporarily suspended publication

My husband suffered a respiratory infection and wound up in the hospital on Feb. 7 and I nearly lost him on Feb. 13. He’s home now and doing remarkably well but my time is going into tending to him, therefore, I have had to temporarily suspend publication of Intrepid Report. Continue reading

Due to an illness in the family, we have to temporarily cut back on publishing

We ask for your patience and indulgence. Continue reading

We’re taking a holiday break

I am taking a break for the holidays and will resume publishing Intrepid Report on January 7, 2013. Continue reading

We are taking a break and will resume publishing Nov. 26

We are taking a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, but Intrepid Report will resume publishing on Monday, Nov. 26. Continue reading

Intrepid Report is back up and running, following a hardware failure

Intrepid Report’s server is back up and running after being down for nearly two frustrating days, due to a hardware failure. Continue reading

Intrepid Report needs your support

Imagine, George Zimmerman, the accused murderer of Trayvon Martin, has thus far raised nearly $250,000 in donations for his legal defense and living expenses while Intrepid Report struggles to raise $25,000 a year. What is wrong with that picture? Continue reading

We need your help

Washington, the corporations, the banksters and their cohorts would be gleeful if Intrepid Report would go away — another thorn out of their sides. For nearly 14 years, though, we’ve hung on, first as Online Journal and now Intrepid Report, thanks to the support of our readers. But as the economy tanked, so did donations and now we’re running on fumes. To put it bluntly, we need your help. Continue reading

A medical emergency requires I suspend publishing until it is over

Yours truly is suffering a severe leg infection and treatment requires me to suspend publishing until it’s healed. Continue reading

We suffered an equipment failure Sunday

Our three-year old modem/router chose New Year’s Day to die, leaving us no way to connect to the Internet, thusly, putting us two days behind in posting new articles. Continue reading

Celebrating our 13th anniversary of publishing online

We began publishing as Online Journal on September 5, 1998, and changed the name to Intrepid Report, with a new website and features readers asked for, on January 28 of this year. Now, thanks to the support of our readers and writers who submit their articles, we begin our 14th year of independent publishing. Continue reading

A revolution that wants to join you: Do it for the children of the future

On the 5th of June, I broke a story in LUV News beginning, “With people crying out for justice everywhere, a movement begins today, led by the people, to wrest our government from the control of transnational corporations that pollute our environment, profit from the death and destruction of war, and create poverty all over the world on behalf of a small number of elites we call at LUV News, the ruling Forces of Greed.” Continue reading

Welcome to Intrepid Report, formerly Online Journal

Online Journal is now Intrepid Report (, but will bring you the same fearless, insightful reporting it did as Online Journal. What’s more, our editorial policy of not shying away from the unspeakable will remain and then some. Continue reading

Online Journal is getting a new name and a new site

After 12-plus years, Online Journal is getting a new name, Intrepid Report, to better reflect what we do and what we are about, and a new website with features many readers have requested. Continue reading