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Intrepid Report is still on hiatus

I had hoped to be back to publishing no later than January 9. As you know that didn’t happen. I am not only dealing with osteoarthritis in both knees but a nasty, super painful, wound on the left leg as well. Continue reading

Intrepid Report is taking a break

Aside from a Christmas piece written by my dear friend and colleague, Jack Balkwill, which will be published Friday, giving those who can time to act on it, I am taking an extended holiday break. Depending on how things go, I will be back to publishing Intrepid Report again in January but can’t give an exact date right now. With any luck, it will be January 2 or January 9, 2023. Continue reading

Update: Taking a break

Murphy’s Law has descended again

It turned out to be premature to say Intrepid Report would be back to publishing this week. I will make no prediction this time but I’ll be back as soon as possible. My apologies. Continue reading

Taking a break

Murphy’s Law has descended again

I am taking the week off to deal with a vehicle that refuses to start, a printer that won’t pint and Hurricane Ian. Three for three, eh? Continue reading

Murphy’s Law has struck

So far, this is not my year. First, I pulled some muscles in my right leg, making it difficult to walk, never mind driving. Then I had to replace my water tank at the well. Murphy wasn’t done yet. The zone board on my HVAC burned out and, in the wee hours of Saturday, the auxiliary water pump in the house blew a valve Continue reading

Intrepid Report will resume publishing as soon as possible

I hurt my leg getting up yesterday morning, making it impossible for me to stand or sit in one position for more than a few minutes. In addition, the painkillers I have been taking cause me to fall asleep. Between the two, it has been impossible to edit and publish articles. Continue reading

Intrepid Report will resume publishing Monday, April 11

To say I need a break is an understatement. March has turned into a grueling month causing me to put off dealing with personal business, which I can no longer avoid doing, including my federal taxes—April 15 is coming up fast. Continue reading

We are taking a break

Intrepid Report will resume publishing March 7

It’s only fair that I spend time with visiting family. Continue reading

Will I be forced to register as a Russian agent?

Over the years, as a journalist and newspaper editor, I have been accused of a variety of things, received death threats and even had a National Park Service historian threaten to kill me right in front of my mother (while I shrugged his threat off, she wasn’t amused). Continue reading

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Intrepid Report will resume publishing January 10

I want to thank everyone for their support this year. Intrepid Report would not exist without your help. Continue reading

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving

I am taking a break

May you enjoy this day with friends and family however you celebrate it. Continue reading

We are taking a break

Last week was a grueling week and this one started off no better. Continue reading

Texas Gov. Abbott has no intention of stopping his crusade to outlaw abortions

It wasn’t enough for Gov. Greg Abbott to sign a bill banning abortions after six weeks, before women even knew they were pregnant, and giving a green light to anti-abortion vigilantes to file civil suits—with a $10,000 reward if they prevail—against abortion providers and anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion, on Friday he signed another bill, Senate Bill 4, to make it harder for a woman to obtain an abortion-inducing drug. Continue reading

A reader takes issue with what I wrote in “The subliminal death wishes of the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers”

For whatever reason, rather than making his criticism public by putting it in the response section under the article, he sent it to me in a private email. I will do him the courtesy of referring to him only as W. Gelles, rather than using his full name. Continue reading

The subliminal death wishes of the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers

Those who think wearing a face mask somehow negates their freedom and by getting a COVID-19 vaccine they will die have it all backwards. Continue reading

Messing with Americans’ minds

From manifest destiny to American exceptionalism and an indispensable nation, Americans have been sold a steaming pile of excrement, aka shit. Continue reading

Not telling people, then blaming them for not knowing all their government has done

We’re getting a taste of what the civil rights and antiwar movements of the ‘60s would have been like without the not-quite-yet corporate media reporting on the daily events. But over the past half century with just about all the major media gobbled up by corporations, the monied powers and politicians decided very little of their criminal actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen would be televised. Now some are criticizing the American people for not caring about the death and destruction the US has rained on Afghanistan when it wasn’t being served up as a nightly dinner course by TV. Continue reading

The liars ignorant of history are worse than the lies they tell

Worse than the lies that get us into wars that never should have happened are the liars who know nothing of the history of the countries they are determined to attack. Continue reading

Is Biden about to have his “fall of Saigon” moment in Afghanistan?

Are we about to replay, in Kabul, the 30 April 1975 scene in Saigon as desperate South Vietnamese, who had worked for the Americans, attempted to get aboard US military helicopters that would carry them to safety as the city fell to the North Vietnamese? Continue reading

We are back!

At last, we are back to publishing Intrepid Report. With any luck, the last six weeks of pain is behind me. Continue reading

Update: I am on a forced hiatus

Sometimes there is no winning. This is one of those times. Continue reading

I am on a forced hiatus

I am dealing with a sprained Achilles tendon that occurred nearly a week ago. It’s one of the most painful injuries I have ever had. It makes walking difficult and swelling caused my leg to double in size. Continue reading

Going, going, gone

In 11 hours and 48 minutes from midnight, Donald J. Trump will no longer be president of the United States. Continue reading

Trump’s crime du jour: election tampering

In the last 16 days of Donald Trump’s occupancy of the White House, what does he have to do that finally brings about his immediate removal? Shoot someone on Pennsylvania Avenue? Lob a nuke at Iran? Continue reading

Happy holidays: Better days are coming

Intrepid Report will resume publishing January 4, 2021

We are halfway through the holiday season. Thanksgiving and Chanukah are behind us and Christmas and the New Year are ahead. The biggest celebration will happen on January 20 when Donald J. Trump will be gone from the White House, either voluntarily or forcibly removed. Continue reading

Intrepid Report couldn’t publish yesterday because our modem went down

You know the old saw that says if anything can go wrong, it will. There’s nothing like seeing “no Internet connection” the first thing in the morning when you boot up the computer. Continue reading

Intrepid Report will resume publishing on or about September 14

Yes, another interruption. That’s how my life has been going this year. Continue reading

Intrepid Report will resume publishing Monday, June 29

Unexpectedly, this has turned into a year of interruptions for me, which means that once again I have to take time off to deal with personal matters Continue reading

Intrepid Report will resume publishing Wednesday, June 10

I am taking a break to spend time with visiting COVID-19-free family. Continue reading

Sorry for the delay. . .

A funny thing happened three Sundays ago (Feb. 9). . . Okay, not funny ha-ha. My cat’s overexuberant love bite had infected, doubling the size of my left hand. So it was off to an urgent care facility, where the doc took one look at my hand and said, “TO THE ER. NOW!” That if I didn’t go, I would be in a coma by morning and hauled off in an ambulance and sepsis could kill me. Who’s to argue about that? Continue reading

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season

Intrepid Report will resume publishing Jan. 1

It’s been another trying year for progressives but whatever you celebrate at this time of year—Chanukah, Christmas, Festivus—you need to take a break from the madness to renew yourselves for what is ahead in 2020. Continue reading

Making December GivingNewsDays

Today is GivingTuesday but let’s make December GivingNewsdays to raise the crucial funds that keep Intrepid Report publishing, along with all the other news sites that value independence and freedom, that don’t take advertising, don’t have paywalls and don’t receive funding from foundations or corporations. Continue reading